Coil building 101

So you bought your first RDA and it came with some coils. Now you’ve heard about all these wonderful coils out there like parallel staple coil, staggered fused parallel coil, juggernaut coils, alien coils, helix clapton coils etc and just want put your hand to it. It looks easy – but is it?
The answer is really Yes and No. Its best to start by building standard coils. Buy a roll of wire and twisting it onto a coil jig to produce your coil. Exotic coils give you better clouds and more flavour. But to make the exotic ones will need some ability, tools and a whole lot of practice. Also you’ll need a good understanding of Ohm’s law and a meter to read the resistance before you put it onto your favorite mod or you’ll ruin it or end up hurting yourself. Safety first always.
There’s lots written about building coils but here’s a link to a guide by Grimm Green worth watching:

Remember: Always be safe! Get your wire’s & tools from here

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