Last night, I saved the DJ’s life

I met a old friend of mine, Clio, at a club recently. We go back many years and Clio’s an excellent DJ playing in some of the London clubs. We chatted for a while and i noticed that he had quite a bad (and irritating) cough. In fact he said that the coughing was a pain because it interfered with his mixing at times. Yea you guess it, he’s a big smoker and he complained about waking up with chest cramps some mornings. Cue me in to introduce vaping to my buddy! I even gave him my Kanger SUB box mini so he wouldn’t ignore my message. 3 weeks later I get a call from his wife and he’s now tobacco free and feeling a lot better. She’s going to make him stick to vaping (they both are) and couldn’t be happier. I felt like the Vape(ed) Crusader!

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