Starter kits, Big benefits

Fortunately for the internet, there is a vast amount of information about vaping and vaping products out there. But with too much information comes too much confusion. It also makes it difficult to find out exactly what you need to buy so that you can start vaping. We’ll try and simplify the ‘getting started’ process to get you going. Then as you find your needs require better products, do some research and see some great reviews on youtube for further enlightenment.

To being, you can start with a simple vape pen

A vape pen is made up of two parts – the battery and the tank or clearomizer. You can refill the tank with any e-liquid you choose and vape the hundreds of different flavours out there. Vape pens though have limited battery capacity and some thicker (more VG than PG ratio) e-liquids will not work here. You’ll need the higher PG e-liquids that are also just as good. With the limited battery capacity comes more regular charging (usually via USB cable) and of course lesser power.

You can see that vaping pens like the SMOK Pen 22 or EGO AIO D22 Starter Kit are a great and simplified starting point on your vaping journey.

Beyond this you can go into the realms of box mods, regulated and un-regulated mods, standard and sub-ohm tanks, different types of coils and wicks, and then of course the vape tricks!

So if you’re thinking of starting off with vaping, start from the beginning and you’ll learn along the way. It’s an exciting world out there and the choice is great.

Good luck!

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