Vape Virgins

So you’ve started vaping but have come across a few problems that are making you think you might just switch back to the cigarettes. Hang fire friend. There’re all sorts of reasons things might not feel A-OK so lets see if we can help you out.

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1/ This is a common problem for newbie vapers. You think you’ve been hardened through all those years of smoking, but vaping makes you cough. What gives? Well it’s probably just your throat or lungs reacting to micro particles of foreign bodies. E-juice normally constitutes of PG, VG and other natural ingredients. It’s possible that you are sensitive or allergic to PG in particular and would benefit from a liquid that has a greater volume of VG rather than PG.

2/ The heating coils in your vape equipment get ‘burnt’ out after a while of regular use. Using old coils will result in a burnt flavour that’s not nice and may cause you to cough. Check your coils and if they look quite blackend then it’s time to replace them. You’ll soon be enjoying vaping again

3/ This next one would normally just apply to those who use drippers rather than standard coils (coils and cotton all come as one). Your cotton wick may be burnt inside the coil. So although the wick looks nice and clean from the outside, the cotton inside your coil is burnt. This will give you less flavour, vapor and pleasure so get some fresh cotton in your coils

4/ A high wattage setting on your mod will cause the liquid to burn. This is not good news for your coils and may also cause carcinogenic particles from the coils to be inhaled into your lungs. Not good. Find out what optimum rating the manufacturers rate their coils and set your wattage accordingly. It’s best to start low and then power up.

5/ You’re drawing hard on your e-ciggalike but the vapors and miserly and embarrassing to say the least. Probable cause is the battery. It’s drained and needs recharging. I personally prefer rechargeable batteries. Something like a LG HG2 18650 or a Sony VTC. Simply swap in a freshly charged battery and start vaping big clouds like a boss. If you’re drawing hard and only getting a dry hit, guess what, you’ve run out of juice. You know what you have to do. Related image

6/ If you’re a tough guy and  feel like vaping’s for girls – don’t. Cigarettes are proven to have a multitude of carcinogen and what would you rather be? – a tough guy or a smoking statistic? Try out unregulated tube mods. Some of them are awesome and almost collectibles.  You won’t be ashamed when you pull one of them out and blow 6 feet of vape clouds!

7/ If you vape a juice everyone’s raved about and thought it wasn’t very good, I’d suggest try it another tank/dripper. You’ll be surprised how different RTA/RDA’s give out different flavours because of their build and airflow.

All in all, don’t give up too quickly with vaping if you want to stay away from cigarettes. It’s worked fantastically for so many people.

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