Vape Jam ’17

Vape Jam ’17 is hot on the heels of the 2016 installment of Vape Jam in Excel. It was the bees knees. Packed with loads of big and small exhibitors and an ever more eager army of vaper wanting to pick up tips, juices and experience the party.

With the FDA coming down hard in the US to the point of obliterating the industry and TDP going to be enforced in an unknown way in UK, the Vaper Expo at Birmingham felt rather subdued and almost as if a heavy fog (excuse the pun!) was bearing down on vapers worldwide. People, especially businesses, are concerned because in business the unknown can be unsettling. Dark forces are trying to stifle this industry and we hope they won’t succeed. We will be attending the Vape Jam and will gauge the mood. Kudos to the organizers for putting on the show.


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